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"We worked with De Mellows for our online marketing needs. De Mellows skyrocketed our web traffic, conversion and revenue. It was just unbelievable! They analysed our website and online marketing methods and made a couple of changes and it was pure genius. We thought we knew how to market ourselves online but we were wrong. We highly recommend them. Thanks a million!"

Ting Chen

Founder - Abotaniq.com

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There are 3 Primary Reasons Why You Are Not Making Enough Revenue Month On Month.

Many businesses do not have a proven system to fix all these 3 important aspects of marketing but they just hope and pray or gamble on some digital marketing strategy proposed by a digital agency which ultimately does fail.  

1. Not Enough Qualified Traffic

2. Poor Conversions 

3. Small / Non-Existent Pipeline of Prospects 

SIGNAL METHOD Is A Ferocious and Powerful Proprietary System To Ensure That Your Target Audience Chooses You Over Your Competition Without Blinking An Eye Using 27 Factors.

The Secret Sauce

Reason why lots of marketing campaigns fail is that they do not understand how human psychology works and what "hot" buttons to press so that they can convince and convert them into hungry buyers.

Tip of the iceberg


Introducing ...

# 9 Gets Your Audience To Warm Up To You And Makes It Easier For You To Sell 

# 11 Is A Must And Many Are Doing It The Wrong Way 

# 16 Is Where You Build Yourself For Success And Leave Your Competitors Clueless 

# 23 Works Now More Than Ever And Helps Get Your Best Salesman Out Online 24/7

# 13 Is Where You can Double or Triple Your Revenue Easily With Proper Execution  


is the cure for poor marketing and sales, poor reputation, poor brand authority

plus an easier way to grow your business online and offline in this digital age. 

1. We Use Psychological Signals That Trigger Desired Action

2. Deploying Our  Secret Formula - Emotional Creativity 

3. Systematic Approach to Diffuse Objections and Doubts in Buyers

4. Creating Trust With 3 Simple Steps 

5. Establishing Authority Even If Your Competition Is Bigger and Better

6. Instilling A Proven Sales Pitch 24/7 That Wows Your Target Market

7. Targeting Your Competitor's Customers Ethically & Legally 

8. Implementing An Automated System Helps Save Time, Effort & Money  

8 Reasons Why It Is So Potent 

SEO, SEM & Social Media Don't Even Come Close To The SIGNALS METHOD

Would you like some good news? Yes?  

I will like you to imagine this. 

What will it be like, in the next few months, you actually double or triple you sales, while spending the same or lesser than you currently are doing for your online marketing?

Will that make you sleep better at night? 

Will that help you spend more quality time doing the things you love to do with your staff, family and even friends?

Your profits and sales will explode and you can finally stop worrying and start looking at other ways you can grow your business or even multiple businesses right?

Well what if I say that it is now POSSIBLE! 

We too are sick of over promising and under delivering and that is why we can pretty much assure you that in order to scale your business in this digital age, you need a proven system to scale.

A system is where we set it up with the best methodologies that have helped us and our clients get real RESULTS in an auto pilot method and which is being used by the biggest companies in the world, yet overlooked by smaller firms. It is your turn now to take advantage and exploit this system. This will help you automate your marketing 24 hours by 7 that all you need to do is just let it run and it will get you the enquiries and leads that you have always desired. 

You must be sick of all the agencies calling or emailing you and selling you all kinds of crap solutions promising you results yet tell you the same old damn crap -  SEO, Google ads, Facebook, Website revamp, Telemarketing etc etc. The list goes on. Only to see the results fall flat and rotten just like a 2 month old pancake left lying in the corner of your house.  

Well, what if we can turn it around for you where we can get you the results you want and grow your brand with our proven and effective strategies? 

With over 10 years in the industry, running hundreds of campaigns and closing deals for clients by the millions, I think we know what it takes to overtake your competitors and rocket your sales. 

If billion dollar enterprises trust us with their projects, I am very sure you can too but don't take our words for it. Check our reviews and success stories. We don't like to blow our own trumpets.. we let the proof do the talking. 

STOP the stress and frustration of trying to guess how to grow your business and put our proven, battle-tested strategies and tactics to work.

We are offering a complimentary strategy call to understand more about your business and also will share with you on what is working and what is not and also give you a peek of our strategies that is bringing results day in and day out. 

Stop worrying and start taking action. Get in touch with us now to let us help you grow your business with a winning formula - Signals Method.  

Please Do Me A Huge Favour...Please Read This. 

It May Just Give You Some Clarity. 

Kudos to this terrific team at De Mellows! We had very little idea about marketing and how to market our business. But their team are so enthusiastic and knowledgeable that the whole process was a breeze. It was worth every penny and more! I am so happy with their services and they are virtually on call anytime for any questions or help you need.

Honestly, the best team I've come into contact with and Siva is such a pleasure to deal with. He will personally come down and meet you anytime to discuss anything. Improved my business 100 fold. I am extremely grateful to them and I recommend them to anyone who wants more clients! Thanks guys!

Dr. Hardev Singh - Clinical Director

Ashford Dental Centre 

“...Improved my business 100 fold..."

Do You Experience The Below Right Now ?

1. Don't have a 24/7 machine that attracts qualified leads week in and week out.

2. You wake up and then start getting depressed that your sales figures are dead or just really bad and not sure what to do next.

3. A digital agency recommended SEO, SEM and/or Social Media or even cold calling, yet the results still suck or not sure if this will work?

4. You blame the economy or "slow "months so that you can feel better about yourself or the business, knowing very well that will not help.

We Are Here To Help You Fix These And Succeed

A secret weapon and technology that we have which puts us ahead of our competitors in getting your business in front of  your competitors' clients.  

Do You Know You Can Target & Steal Your Competitors' Customers Legally and Ethically With Our System?

This Is Just One Ammo Out Of Our War Machine -  Signal Method.

Your Marketing Can Be HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Only If You Emotionally and Logically Move Them.

The Signals Method Appeals Not Just To The Intelligence But Also To Your Buyers' Hearts

Using Emotional 






The SIGNAL METHOD resonates with your audience to seduce them to take the desired action by using the right signals.



A Truly Scientific Approach To Marketing

“The decision to utilize a microsite to manage our invitations and publicity for our chalet at the Singapore Airshow was a first. De Mellows proved their skills in the set up of the marketing system for the event which was challenging because of the various criterion.  Led by Avis and his team, De Mellows guided us through the whole process of getting the microsite up and provided great support in it's development, and was patient in accommodating our requirements. Thank you for all the assistance!”

Hamon Shen

Assistant Manager - Singapore International Airlines ( SIA )

 Case Study #1 - SIA Engineering

Brought in millions of dollars worth of sales offline using email automation and highly convertinglanding pages and a robust automated backend for their SIA airshow.

"We worked with De Mellows for our online marketing needs. De Mellows skyrocketed our web traffic, conversion and revenue. It was just unbelievable! They analysed our website and online marketing methods and made a couple of changes and it was pure genius. We thought we knew how to market ourselves online but we were wrong. We highly recommend them. Thanks a million!”

Ting Chen

 Founder, Abotaniq

 Case Study #2 - ABotaniq

We gave a 400% increase in traffic , conversion and engagement. We brought the cost per acquisition down by 20% and the revenue skyrocketed and so did the brand awareness.

We also brought their ad down spend by 20%.

“De Mellows are real experts. We tried other agencies but everyone just ran traffic to our site but was not really effective as our messaging was not optimal. The team at De Mellows revamped everything and helped us generate awesome results in a short amount of time. They were just different in their approach. Truly Web Experts. ”

Sharmila Gooray

Director - harinix.com

 Case Study #3 - Harinix

This campaign was very successful in our goal and we got hundreds of downloads and 87 appointments in 1 month which was above and beyond the given KPI that was given to us. The sales revenue also skyrocketed to an amazing 400% growth as they closed a lot of deals both over the phone, in person as well as online.

“We acquired the services after checking and enquiring on the services offered as well as reading others’ testimonials. What stood out for us was the set of holistic and unique approach he proposed. Even more respectable, was that he delivered even though the timeline given to him was too short and within a month. Kudos! “

Kazim K

Business Development - aAdvantage Consulting Group 

 Case Study #4 - Time to Know

One month campaign where we we exceeded KPI by 120% with a reduced marketing spend of 30%.

" We wanted more enquiries for our business due to stiff competition. De Mellows did a quick analysis and came back to us on the issues and it seemed legit and claimed that they can fix it  and true enough our rankings on Google skyrocketed. We did not just hit first page, but we hit the 1st position on Google for a lot of our keywords ousting our competitors who were there. 

Calls increased and so did sales. They are the real deal.  Truly talented and De Mellows comes highly recommended ! "

Sheo Rai
Marketing Manager - Caregiver Asia

 Case Study #5 - CareGiver Asia

Rocketed ranking to 1st position on 1st page for 4 competitive keywords in Google.com.sg in just 2.5 months.

We will execute the 27 point audit, diagnose your red flags and then fix what is broken and create the groundwork.



Trust and authority is a huge factor in sales and conversion so we build it up for you so that it makes it more seamless to impress and convince your audience.



We will create an ideal buyer persona and  then implement the secret sauce plus create an offer that your clients will be enticed by . 









Ensure there is a system in place to automate and bring in the leads/sales in an automated manner with just a click even without your physical presence.

This is where we run traffic from relevant important sources and also target your competitors' customers as well.

Here is where we monitor, track and tweak for optimum performance and then scale accordingly. 






More Qualified Leads/ Enquiries

We will increase your current inflow of enquiries from somewhat unqualified enquiries to highly qualified and hungry buyers throwing money at you. 

More Revenue and Sales

You will now have increased sales and revenue because you have a formula that pretty much works far more effective than anything you have ever tried. 

A Real Peace Of Mind

No more sleepless nights contemplating on when or where your next sale will come from . Eliminate your stress knowing you have an effective game plan. 

4 Proven Outcomes When We Work With You

Become an Authority In Your Industry

Becoming an authority is easier than you thought and gets you huge traction in growth. We will show you a simple but powerful method to REAL GREATNESS.

If you don't get any value from this discovery call with us, we will send you a Free Success Blueprint E-book worth $49.90 just for "wasting your time".... 

But what if this FREE consultation can give you an idea or two that can turn your business into a success machine  beyond your wildest dreams like it did for our other clients?

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All details will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, shared or distributed.

If you do not get any value from this discovery call with us, we will send you a Free Success Blueprint E-book worth $49.90 just for "wasting your time". 


We Can Only Work With A Few Companies At Any One Time Due To The Nature Of The System And Techniques.

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